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Winter Park Institute

Video Archive

Visit favorite past speakers or discover ones previously missed. Peruse more than a decade of speeches on myriad topics of national and international interest.
Speaker Year / Season Title
Animated Magazine 2010-2011 The New Animated Magazine 2010-2011
Animated Magazine 2011-2012 The New Animated Magazine 2011-2012
Arts & Social Responsibility Symposium 2009-2010 The Arts and Social Responsibility; A Symposium
Bond, Julian 2010-2011 Civil Rights Then and Now
Braun, Adam 2015-2016 Ordinary Person, Extraordinary Change: How to Affect the Masses
Bryson, Bill 2015-2016 Notes from All Over: An Evening with Bill Bryson
Bush, Jeb 2013-2014 America's Promise in Uncertain Times
Collins, Billy 2008-2009 Ballistics: A Reading
Billy Collins w/Anthony Bannon and Ed Kashi 2011-2012 Writing with Light: A Conversation about Photography and Poetry
Billy Collins 2013-2014 Aimless Love: A Reading
Billy Collins 2018-2019 What Poets Talk About When They Talk About Love
Billy Collins 2019-2020 Poetry and Music—Aspiring to the Condition of the Other
David, Laurie 2013-2014 Fed Up! A Talk About What, Where, and How We Eat
Dawson, Greg 2010-2011 From Ukraine to Juilliard: A Piano Prodigy's Holocaust Odyssey
Doyne, Maggie 2018-2019 Start Now. Use What you Have
Earle, Sylvia 2011-2012 Sustainable Seas: The Vision and the Reality
Eidelberg, Martin 2008-2009 Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Girls
Feiffer, Jules 2009-2010 My Life and Funny Times
Feminist Forum 2011-2012 Feminist Forum
Fuzzy, Kombat 2010-2011 The Traditional Dance of Ghana
Gandhi, Arun 2013-2014 Lessons Learned from My Grandfather: Non-Violence in a Violent World
Gbowee, Leymah 2015-2016 Leading Change Through Activism: The Liberian Women's Experience
Goodall, Jane 2011-2012 Making A Difference: An Evening with Dr. Jane Goodall
Porter Goss 2011-2012 Timely Intelligence Matters: Taking on National Security Challenges of the Global Century
Gottman, John 2010-2011 The Science of Trust and Betrayal
Greider, William 2009-2010 The Future of the American Dream
Guerilla Girls on Tour 2011-2012 Feminists are Funny
Isaacson, Michael Neil 2010-2011 The Music of Judaism, Women, and the Holocaust
Kaku, Michio 2013-2014 The Next 20 Years: How Science will Revolutionize Society and Our Lives
Kashi, Ed 2011-2012 Far Flung Places: Photographs from the Corners of the World
Keillor, Garrison 2016-2017 An Evening with Garrison Keillor
King, Martin Luther III 2012-2013 Continuing the Legacy: The Civil Rights Struggles of the 21st Century
Kirschner, Ann 2010-2011 Whose Story Is It? A Collision of Public and Private Space
Krasnostein, Natalie 2008-2009 In God's Bedroom
Kristof, Nicholas 2012-2013 Half the Sky: Women and the World
Lanier, Jaron 2009-2010 You Are Not A Gadget: A Manifesto
Lanier, Jaron 2010-2011 A Talk Back
Lauren, Lauren Bush 2018-2019 How to FEED the World, One Bag at a Time
Maynard, Thane '76 2009-2010 Hope for Animals and Their World
McCartney, Paul w/Billy Collins 2014-2015 Billy Collins and Sir Paul McCartney In Conversation
Menaker, Daniel 2010-2011 Tears of Laughter: A Reading by Daniel Menaker
Musgrave, Story 2017-2018 Farm Kid to Rocketman and Beyond
Nafisi, Azar 2012-2013 Republic of the Imagination
Norman, Jessye 2012-2013 A Conversation with Jessye Norman
Norman, Marsha 2009-2010 Writing for the Theater: A Survival Guide!
Pauley, Jane 2014-2015 Your Life is Calling
Perlman, Itzhak 2013-2014 A Conversation with Itzhak Perlman
Pressley, William L. 2008-2009 The Artist as Original Genius: Shakespeare's 'Fine Frenzy' in Late Eighteenth-Century Art
Robinson, Sharon 2013-2014 Values, Baseball, and Jackie Robinson
Rosenblatt, Roger 2010-2011 Making Toast: A Reading by Roger Rosenblatt
Sanjayan, Dr. M 2018-2019 Stories from the Natural World
Schell, Orville 2010-2011 Climate Change and the Melting Glaciers of the Himalayas: Why It Matters
Shi, David 2011-2012 The Great Recession and the Revival of Simplicity
Schroeder, Patricia and Gloria Steinem 2011-2012 Our Journey to Equality
Sorenstam, Annika 2019-2020 Journey from Hall of Fame Golfer to Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
Spiegel, Eric 2014-2015 Innovating America's Newest Middle Class
Steinem, Gloria 2011-2012 Women Today: An Evening with Gloria Steinem
Stone, Oliver 2013-2013 A Conversation with Oliver Stone
Teachout, Terry 2008-2009 Confessions of a Critic
Teachout, Terry 2009-2010 The Truth About Satchmo: Why Loius Armstrong Still Matters
Teachout, Terry 2010-2011 Writing A Biography
Teachout, Terry 2013-2014 Duke Ellington: The Man Behind the Mask
Toledo, Alejandro 2009-2010 A Social Agenda for Democracy in Latin America
Wagner-Martin, Linda 2008-2009 9-11 Novels: An Aesthetics of Terror?
Wilson, Richard Guy 2012-2013 Gilded Age Guerrilla: Edith Wharton's Revolution in Literature and Architecture
Writers and Editors' Symposium 2010-2011 Writers & Editors Symposium: Marriages in Limbo
WuDunn, Sheryl 2012-2013 Women Hold Up Half the Sky
Zizek, Slavoj 2009-2010 Zizek and Film: A Theorist's Commentary