“It is not your obligation to complete this work, but neither are you free to desist from it all together.” – Pirkei Avot (2:16),
April 13–May 12, 2019

2019 Senior Student Exhibition

Cease & Desist

Each of the works in this exhibition exist as the embodiment of distinct research practices developed by the students throughout their last year of study. Working from a variety of material vantage points, the diversity of practice and media evoke a multiplicity of voices, each remaining individual within the collective thematic framework of Cease & Desist.

The concept of the cease and desist letter as a legal convention, explaining a violation of the sender’s rights and offering the recipient an opportunity for voluntary change, contextualizes these students’ works as discussions of significant circumstances with potential long term repercussions. Although distinct, each artist engages in an investigation of the impact human behavior has on the environment, the self, and on others, inviting viewers into a conversation where the completed works await their engagement or their choice to desist from the content altogether.

Artists represented in the exhibition include, Meredith Ewen, Anastasia Rooke, Alicia Sales, Ari Schubot, Elizabeth Shugart, Zinnia Upson.

The 2018 Senior Student Exhibition showcases multidisciplinary work produced by graduating studio art majors. The final selections for the exhibition are juried by the art professors and Museum staff.

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