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Residential Life & Explorations

The Office of Residential Life & Explorations has everything you need for on-campus housing.
The Office of Residential Life has everything you need for on-campus housing.

At Home With ResLife

The Office of Residential Life has everything you need for on-campus housing.

About Residential Life & Explorations

In support of the college mission, the Office of Residential Life & Explorations is committed to creating inclusive, secure and well-maintained learning environments that are conducive to, and focused on, holistic student development, student learning, and student success.

In order to accomplish our mission and support the College, we recognize that the work which needs to be done is bigger than our department alone. As such, intentional collaboration with students, faculty and staff is critical to our success.

Community Values

Learning We believe in the educational power and potential of residence halls and the on-campus living experience. We aim to complement and support the curricular experience by engaging students in developmental opportunities outside of the classroom.

Social Justice We are committed to creating environments free from hate, prejudice and discrimination; where the diversity of each community member is celebrated and all share the same basic rights, securities, opportunities, and benefits.

Responsibility We educate and prepare students to think critically, make thoughtful decisions and embrace personal and social responsibility.  We do so by holding students accountable, both individually and collectively, for their actions or inactions in an environment marked by care and concern where we empower students to do the same.

Collaboration We instill the idea of active citizenship through encouraging the principles of interconnectedness, partnership and shared responsibility. These elements create a network of social and emotional support, laying a foundation for a community marked by civility.

Leadership We develop the capacity for leadership in all students by promoting self-awareness and reflection of one’s individual skills, strengths and values. We aspire to cultivate leaders who positively and purposefully influence the world around them.

COVID 19 Housing Information and Addendum

Addendum to Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Terms and Conditions of the Housing Agreement As a resident within Rollins College’s residential halls, the 2019 Novel Coronavirus or similar public health crisis (“COVID”) will impact the housing experience as Rollins College continues to make public health-informed decisions. The below policies and guidelines are incorporated into the Housing Agreement and are applicable to all residential students. As always, Rollins College will endeavor to provide updates with timely information about specific health and safety guidance important for our residential students. Acknowledging these changes to the traditional Rollins Residential experience, Rollins College is issuing the following Addendum to the Housing Agreement to provide students with greater details about shared obligations, what they may expect and how changes may impact their residential experience in the 2020-2021 academic year. Please take time to carefully and thoroughly review each item below.

COVID-19. Taking steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections (or any other spread of disease) at Rollins College is a shared responsibility between the College and every member of the College community. This means adhering to national, state, and local health guidelines and requirements, and adhering to those measures Rollins College deems safe and appropriate for its campus. Despite our very best efforts to ensure the health and safety of our campus community, Rollins cannot guarantee an on-campus living and learning environment free from all possible risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Health and Safety. We expect that all members of the Rollins College Housing community—residents, staff and visitors—act in a manner that demonstrates respect and consideration for those around them, including respect and consideration for the health and safety of all community members. All residential students are prohibited from creating a health or safety hazard within Rollins College Housing and Rollins College may request or require a resident to leave Rollins College Housing if their continued presence in the housing community poses a health or safety risk for community members. Residential students are required to comply with health and safety laws, orders, ordinances, regulations and health and safety guidance adopted by Rollins College as it relates to public health crises, including COVID-19. Specific details will be provided as circumstances dictate, but this may include, and is not limited to, social distancing, limitations on mass gatherings, wearing a face covering, COVID-19 diagnostic and surveillance testing (including before or upon arrival to campus), contact tracing, disinfection protocols, limitations on guests into residential halls, and quarantine/isolation requirements (including before or upon arrival to campus) and any required vaccination requirements. Adherence to health and safety requirements applies to all residents, staff and visitors and extends to all aspects of housing, including bedrooms, bathrooms, community kitchens, lounges, fitness centers, courtyards and other common spaces. The resident agrees to do all of this not just for themselves, but for the safety of others, and because this is consistent with the spirit of Rollins College.

Quarantine / Isolation / Separation. At any time, Rollins College may request or require a resident to leave Rollins College Housing when that resident’s continued presence in the housing community poses a health or safety risk for community members. Residential students are required to comply with requests from Residential Life & Explorations staff to leave their assigned space due to COVID-19 or other public health emergency and failure to do so is a violation of the Housing Agreement and may subject a student to emergency removal from their assigned space. Not all Rollins College Housing residential rooms or halls are appropriate for self-quarantine or self-isolation, for example, and in those situations where a student is recommended to self-quarantine or self-isolate, students will not be permitted to continue residing in their residential space and may be provided alternative housing arrangements as needed. Removal from Rollins College Housing to isolate or quarantine does not constitute a termination of a residential student’s housing contract.

De-Densifying Efforts. Residential students are required to comply with any de-densifying efforts needed on campus due to COVID-19 or other public health emergency, including, but not limited to, the relocation of all or some residential students to alternative housing. Relocation does not constitute a termination of a residential student’s housing contract.

Dining Services. Dining services, including where and how it will be offered to residential students, is subject to the discretion of Rollins College and Rollins Dining Services and is subject to modification to address public health concerns. Due to health and safety guidance adopted or that may be adopted by Rollins College, or Rollins Dining Services, Rollins Dining Services may limit the occupancy of dining facilities, limit the amount of time students may reside within dining facilities, or make other operational adjustments needed to address health and safety concerns.

Cleaning. Rollins College Facilities Services will continue to implement and modify its cleaning protocols to address COVID-19 or other public health emergency in the interest of attempting to minimize the spread of disease. Rollins College Facilities Services and Residential Life & Explorations will educate and inform residential students on appropriate cleaning protocols within their assigned spaces to attempt to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within residential halls. Residents will be responsible for obtaining cleaning supplies to maintain a clean-living environment within their assigned space.

Amenities and Common Areas. Residential Life & Explorations may limit access to some amenities and common areas for the health and safety of the community. This will be based on the guidance from health professionals or in accordance to any laws or emergency orders in response to COVID-19.

Guests and Visitors. Guests and visitors may be limited or prohibited as deemed necessary by Rollins College. An exception will be made during the move-in process. During move in, students will be limited to two helpers. All helpers assisting students will be required to follow the college’s health and safety guidelines.

Termination. Upon reasonable notice, Residential Life & Explorations reserves the right to terminate housing contracts due to public health emergency needs, including COVID-19. For information regarding Rollins College refund policies, please visit the Student Account Services website.

Rollins College is committed to supporting its students in their return to campus during this unprecedented time and recognizes the value of the on-campus residential experience. There may be additional modifications needed as the year progresses and as Rollins College tracks the impact of COVID-19 on its residential communities and campus.

In the event of a conflict between this Addendum and the remaining sections of the Housing Agreement, this Addendum will prevail.