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Frequently Asked Questions about the TWC

We try to offer tutoring in as many classes as possible. However, if you are trying to schedule an appointment in EAB/Navigate and you aren’t able to find a tutor for one of your classes, we may still be able to help! Click “Request an Appointment” in the EAB/Navigate calendar, or contact our Associate Coordinator, Mistie Watkins at or 407-646-2607. And keep in mind that you can meet with a writing consultant to talk about writing for any course or assignment.

Appointments are made through EAB/Navigate. Detailed instructions can be found here. Please note that appointments must be made at least 18 hours in advance.

Log in to EAB/Navigate and go to your Calendar. Click on your appointment, then click "Cancel Appointment" at the bottom of the pop-up box. Please note that appointments must be canceled at least 18 hours in advance in order to not be marked as a missed appointment.

In some cases, we may be able to create an “off-schedule” appointment to meet your needs. Click “Request an Appointment” in EAB/Navigate or contact Mistie Watkins. You may also consider coming by one of our drop-in tutoring times instead!

We have a strict cancellation/no-show policy in place to respect our tutors’ time and to help make sure that students who want to make appointments are able to do so before the 18-hour cut-off. However, we do understand that things come up. In order to have your scheduling permissions reinstated, please contact Mistie Watkins.

Absolutely! If you’d like to make an appointment to work on a collaborative project, please make sure all group members are present. When you schedule the appointment in EAB, you can indicate that it is a group project in the appointment notes. Please also list the names of all group members in the appointment notes. If you have any questions, let us know.

Our tutors and writing consultants are students at Rollins. We have tutors across all majors and degree programs on campus. To find out more about our tutors, please see our tutors page.

All of our tutors go through a training program during the first semester they tutor. During this time, we work with our new tutors to give them strategies and ways of thinking about peer tutoring that help them support you and your learning. 

You and your professor can access the appointment summary from your TWC visit at any time through EAB/Navigate. You can access your appointment summary by clicking on the “Reports” tab. Then click "View Report" to see the details of your appointment.

Of course! We welcome all members of the Rollins community! If you are comfortable disclosing any accommodation needs or other requests with us, we are very happy to adjust our tutoring strategies to help you learn in a way that is best for you. For more information, please see our Accessibility and Accommodations statement on our About Us page.  

If you need assistance using our online scheduling system, contact Mistie Watkins at or 407-646-2607.

We typically conduct hiring before or at the beginning of each semester. Our application can be found through Handshake.

Nope! Our writing consultants can work with you at any point in your writing process. Even if you are just beginning to formulate your ideas or trying to understand an assignment description, our consultants are happy to work with you.

No--all of our services and resources are completely free to use.

Professors are often impressed by students who choose to strengthen their skills and deepen their understanding of subject matter through peer tutoring. Peer tutoring is all about collaborative learning. We strive to create an environment in which you can set your own academic and intellectual goals and work towards them in ways that fit you best. Making time to visit the TWC is a great way for you to express and feel greater ownership over your educational journey at Rollins, and professors recognize this benefit.