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Archives policies are available on the Archives portion of the website.

Checkout & Reserves

General Collection Checkout

Olin Library extends borrowing privileges to the faculty, staff and students of Rollins College.  Borrowing is also available to the community, students of the University of Central Florida, Upward Bound students and faculty spouses. Year-long borrowing privileges for Rollins alumni are available for $25 a year. Year-long borrowing privileges are available for Rollins community members for $50 a year. We do provide internet passes for guests, which are available only during circulation hours.

Please present your Rollins College ID card at the time of the loan transaction. Use of another patron's ID card to check out materials is not permitted.

Doorside delivery of requested materials is available. For instructions on this process, please click here. 

3 week loan period for books.

7 day loan period for audio/visual materials such as audio and videotapes,  DVD's, and compact discs.

As long as a hold isn’t placed or the book isn’t recalled, books are available for multiple renewals.

All equipment renewal is subject to the number of items available of said item. Please call or e-mail when renewing a piece of equipment. Renewals of equipment are only available during circulation hours.

$0.25 per day per item overdue fine for books.
$0.50 per day per item overdue fine for DVD’s
$10.00 per day per item for Bikes, iPads, Helmets, Cameras, and Tripods
$0.25 per hour per item for Macbook Pro/Lenovo Chargers, iPhone 5/6 Chargers, Wii, USB Drives, Wireless Presenters and all cables and adapters
$10.00 per hour per item Lenovo Laptops

For equipment, after 5 consecutive days past due date and multiple notices are sent, a patron is billed directly for the cost of materials plus a $10.00 per item processing fee

Books are billed after 20 days, the $10.00 processing fee per item also applies.

Book returns are located in the front of the Circulation desk, the top of the Circulation Desk facing the lobby during circulation hours, and the book drop outside to the left of the main entrance.

Reserve Collection Checkout

Please present your Rollins ID at the time of the loan transaction.

Each reserve has specific instructions regarding the loan period and whether or not the item is library use only. Circulation staff will inform you as to those specifications. Otherwise, you can find it in the “Date Due” slip of each individual item.

Reserves may not be renewed.

Reserve item fines are $ .25 per hour per item.

It is imperative that reserve materials be promptly returned so that they are available to all class members. If you fail to return materials, your college account will be billed directly for the cost of the item plus the fine and any additional charges.

Reserve materials should be returned only to a Circulation Desk staff member. Please do not place reserves in the return slot or book drop.

Copiers and Printers

Copiers and printers are available in the library for student, faculty, and staff use.  Rollins users can release print jobs, scan, and copy by either swiping their R-Card or logging in with their FoxID and password.

Guests of the library are able to print and make photocopies but must pay a small fee per page.  Prints can be picked up at the Checkout and Reserves Desk during normal building hours.  Color printing is not available for guests.  Prices per page for printing are $0.08 for single-sided prints and $0.12 for double-sided.

For Archives photo and document duplication fees, see the Archives and Special Collections policies.

Please notify the library staff or the IT help desk of any problems with the copiers or if they are out of toner or paper.


The Olin Library is committed to creating a welcoming environment for its users.  We believe displays help inform our patrons about events and activities on campus and in the community.  We welcome student groups and campus departments to create displays that will contribute to developing the library as the “third place” on campus: a place where students, faculty, and members of the community can interact and discuss topics of interest as well as learn from each other.

  • Two-week advance notice of display request is required.
  • Displays must abide by the educational mission of Rollins College and the Olin Library.
  • Requests for displays should be sent to Susan Montgomery,
  • Printed signage is preferred. Hand-written signs or text must be approved.
  • There is a two-week limit for displays unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Display materials must be promptly picked up after display time limit has been reached.
  • The Olin Library will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • The department or student group assumes the responsibility of putting up, removing, and picking up display materials. If the group needs assistance with any of the previously mentioned duties, Susan Montgomery must be notified ahead of time.

Faculty Carrels

Faculty studies in the Olin Library are available for assignment to faculty engaged in research projects. Priority is given to projects requiring access to library resources. Studies are assigned, for an academic term or for an academic year.
A faculty member who desires a carrel assignment must submit an application to the Office of the Library Director. Applications for assignment or renewal are reviewed at the beginning of each academic year and as received throughout the year.
The Library Director reviews applications and makes carrel assignments. All general policies governing the use of the Olin Library apply as well to the use of the Faculty studies.

  • Assignments and renewals are made upon receipt of an application for use of a carrel.
  • Because carrel space is limited, applicants are normally asked to share a carrel with one or more colleagues.
  • A faculty member whose research project is completed and/or whose need for a carrel expires is encouraged to relinquish the carrel so that it can be made available to another colleague.
  • To maintain an accurate record of the library's book collection, all library materials kept in studies must be checked out at the circulation desk to the carrel.  Library staff regularly monitor studies and return to collections any materials not properly charged out.

Interlibrary Loan

Warning Concerning Copyright Restrictions

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials.
Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research". If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use", that user may be liable for copyright infringement.
This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

Lost and Overdue Items

Overdue items may be billed for replacement costs, even if the item is ultimately returned. If the library pays the replacement costs in order to remain in good standing with the loaning library, it is impossible to refund the fee.

Other Policies

One renewal for materials is often permitted, at the discretion of the lending institution.
It is important for patrons to pick up their materials as soon as possible, and return them when they are due.

Meeting Rooms

General Principle

The primary purpose of the Library Meeting Room in the Olin Library is to support library instructional services. When the room is not in use for library instruction, it may be scheduled for meetings conducted by college faculty, staff, and approved student organizations. The seating capacity of the Library Meeting Room is 40 persons. The room may not be used for regularly scheduled classes or meetings unless approved by the Director.


The Library Meeting Room may be scheduled through Rollins Scheduling and Event Services.  Every attempt will be made to provide adequate notice if a scheduling conflict occurs.

Hours of Use

The Library Meeting Room may be scheduled during regular library hours.

Library Meeting Room Equipment

Equipment should be requested when the Library Meeting Room is scheduled. An overview of the technology available in the room is located here. Portable equipment, such as a chalkboard/whiteboard, is stored in the locked closet. When booking a room, please notify Scheduling and Event Services of any special equipment needs.

Library Meeting Room Furniture

Tables and chairs in the Library Meeting Room may be rearranged to suit the purposes of the scheduling group; as a courtesy to the next group, please return furniture to its normal configuration.

Emergency Exit Door

The alarmed Exit Door may not be used to enter or exit the Library Meeting Room. Catering deliveries and clean-up are an exception to this policy. Privileges for use of the room will be suspended if this guideline is violated. The door must be securely closed immediately following the event for which it has been opened.

Food and Beverages

As part of Olin's pandemic policies, food and beverage are not allowed within the library. 


Any group scheduling a meeting in the Library Meeting Room will be held responsible for damage, vandalism, or theft that occurs during their meeting/event.

Public Services

The Olin Library provides research services to Rollins College students, faculty, staff, and affiliated programs.

Community users are invited to use library facilities for research purposes, however, they cannot take advantage of reciprocal agreements. The library provides on-campus access to books, periodicals, and research databases, but cannot extend interlibrary loan services or remote database access for members of the general public. Community users and alumni may purchase borrowing cards.  See our Alumni and Community Users page for more information.

Alumni do not have access to our online resources from off-campus, nor can they take advantage of reciprocal agreements.  Our license agreements with the vendors who provide access to subscription databases and other online resources are restricted to current students, employees, and emeriti only.  Alumni are welcome to use Olin Library’s facility, print collection, and most online resources while physically in the library.  Certain resources (lab computers, room booking, and 24-hour access) are restricted to current students, faculty, and employees only.  Please contact Deborah Prosser, Library Director, with any questions.

The Olin Library is committed to making reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities to assure they have equal access to library services and resources. Please see our Service Policy for People with Disabilities for specific information.

We ask that all patrons help us maintain a clean and studious environment by observing common rules of library behavior. Please do not use cell phones or other forms of audible electronic equipment. Loud or disruptive patrons may be asked to leave the building. Specific guidelines for patron behavior are kept on file in the Director’s Office, where they may be consulted for clarification. Decisions concerning behavior consistent with the research and educational aims of the Olin Library will be at the discretion of the Director or supervisor on duty.

As part of Olin's pandemic policies, food and beverage are not allowed within the library.

Services to Persons with Disabilities

The Olin Library is committed to providing safe and convenient access to facilities and services for all students, faculty, and staff, and abides by the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Library faculty and staff make reasonable accommodations for college- affiliated persons with disabilities to assure they have equal access to library services and resources. Non-college affiliated patrons are provided reasonable accommodations within existing service parameters as stated in the Library Policies.  Patrons with disabilities are asked to notify the library staff of their special needs.

Service Animals

In accordance with the ADA, service animals are allowed in the building.  Please see the campus service animal policy for details.

Physical Access

The library strives to remove physical barriers whenever possible.

  • All floors of the library are accessible via elevator.
  • All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • Accessible parking is available on Holt Avenue.

If barriers exist, please contact library staff and appropriate assistance will be provided.

Adaptive Equipment

Assistive software is available on two of the computers in the Reference area.

Library staff will provide basic instruction in the use of adaptive equipment, but an assistant will be necessary for continuous assistance.

Materials Retrieval and Loan

Library staff will retrieve materials from the stacks for users. Materials will be retrieved as soon as possible; during busy times the library may need 24-hour advance notice. Persons with disabilities may request extended loan periods for reserve and/or circulating materials.  Renewals are available by telephone and online.

Personal Assistance

Staff will make every effort to assist patrons in obtaining information; however, extended research assistance or special instruction on adaptive equipment must be arranged by contacting the Head of Public Services in advance.  Individuals are responsible for using library resources independently or with the aid of an assistant.  The library cannot provide personalized keyboarding, reading, or note-taking services.

Rollins students who require these services should contact the Office of the Disability Services Provider at (407) 646 -2354.  All other patrons should contact Human Resources at (407) 646-2003).


Per campus policy, children under the age of 13 are not allowed in the library unless supervised by an adult.  The full policy is available on the Human Resources website.

Filming and Photography on Campus

Any individual or organization wanting to engage in photography or videotaping on the Rollins Campus for broadcast or public distribution must contact the Office of Marketing and Communications. The policies and procedures for requesting permission to film or videotape in the library are available on the Marketing and Communications website.

Group Study Rooms

Several rooms are available in the library for individuals and groups who require a quiet and comfortable place to study or collaborate for assignments.  The rooms are bookable using the EMS system, available here.

1. Rollins students have priority over other users.

2. Groups have priority over individuals. Groups can ask individuals to leave.

3. Please leave the room clean.

4. Please leave the furniture in the room.

5. Several of the rooms are equipped with dry erase boards.  Markers and erasers are available at the Circulation desk.

6. Plasma screens are available in many of the rooms for use in group presentations, collaborations, etc.  Call the I.T. Helpdesk at extension 2655 if you need assistance  connecting your laptop to the screen.

Personal Property

Library patrons should keep all valuables including purses, backpacks, textbooks, laptops, or cell phones with them at all times. No personal items should be left unattended in the library, even for a brief period of time.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in or outside the library, and only in designated areas on campus.  The Rollins smoking policy is available here.

Video Monitoring

The 2nd floor of the library is under video surveillance 24 hours a day, but is not actively monitored by security personnel.
A copy of the Rollins video monitoring policy is available here.

Tutoring and Writing Center

Tutoring and Writing Center policies are available on that portion of the website.