Approved Service Opportunities

As recognized leaders in the Holt School community, scholarship recipients are required to contribute at least four hours of service per academic year to one of the approved opportunities. We appreciate that many students contribute above and beyond the four-hour requirement and that some students are also involved in other community and campus groups and events. We believe that engagement on the local level facilitates individual growth and promotes community within the Hamilton Holt School.

If you have questions or concerns about fulfilling your volunteer service obligations, please contact
The opportunities below are intended for 2020-21 scholarship recipients. If you are a new recipient of a 2021-22 scholarship, please check back in June 2021 for updated events.



Students are expected to fulfill their service hours at the annual commencement ceremony. If the 2021 ceremony is held virtually, this requirement will be waived. 

Scholarship recipients graduating in the May 2021 ceremony may select from the following alternate service opportunities. If the 2021 ceremony is held virtually, the service requirement will be waived.