Undergraduate Degree in International Affairs

The International Affairs major provides a multinational perspective to a liberal arts education. 

gain a global perspective in business, politics & culture

The International Affairs major offered at the Hamilton Holt School provides a multinational perspective to a liberal arts education. Students will gain a global perspective about the cultural, political, economics and business institutions of other countries. And you’ll be prepared for a career in the public or private sector, as well as entrance into graduate studies.


A minimum of 15 courses must be taken, of which at least eight must be at the 300 level or above.

  • At least five (5) courses must be from the cultures and languages area
  • At least four (4) must be from history and politics
  • Three (3) must be from economics and business.
  • Three (3) additional courses are also required, and these may come from any of the three areas
  • All majors who are not bilingual or polylingual must take at least one (1) language-learning class at the 200 level or above (e.g., SPN 201 or JPN 201).

Requirements for the Minor

A minimum of eight courses must be taken

  • Three courses in economics and business
  • Two courses foreign cultures and languages
  • Three courses in history and politics
  • At least four (4) must be taken at the 300 level or above

international affairs mission

The International Affairs Program at the Hamilton Holt School highlights awareness of global issues while preparing students for a wide range of intriguing careers ranging from business and law, to government and politics, to the non-profit sector and media. The major draws upon rigorous and practical courses rooted in cultural, economic and business, historical, and political perspectives.

Global Citizenship
You will gain a better understanding of globalization and interdependence, fundamental economic inequalities, human rights, international law, international institutions that promote cooperation, regional security flashpoints across the globe, and the core causes of both inter-state and intra-state conflict. As such, your coursework emphasizes thoughtful, responsible citizenship.

Responsible Leadership
Critiquing contending perspectives of power as well as globally prominent issues surrounding justice and morality, sustainable development, and democratic as well as non-democratic institutions, the International Affairs major is uniquely suited to position you as not only a global citizen but also a responsible leader in the 21st century.

Productive Careers
Our majors gain invaluable problem-solving skills for successful lives and careers -- skills that include data analysis, critical thinking in the context of conflicting values, and deliberative decision-making, not to mention timeless oral as well as written communication skills. You can consider a career in the public or private sector as well as post-graduate opportunities with Fulbright, the Peace Corps, and entrance into graduate studies.

Meaningful Lives
Growing international interdependence among nation-states significantly impacts the daily lives of U.S. residents, many of whom are uninformed about the cultural, political, economic, and business institutions of other countries. The International Affairs (INAF) major targets such deficiencies and will provide you with a decidedly global perspective to a liberal arts education. 

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