Undergraduate Degree in Humanities

Interdisciplinary approach, broad application.

obtain a broad vision of western history & culture

The Humanities major in the Rollins College Hamilton Holt School (Holt) provides insight into the complexity of what it means to be human and to pursue a meaningful life and a productive career. These issues are explored through a systematic study of human achievement in the arts, literature, philosophy, religion, history, and politics. Majors obtain a broad vision of the history and culture of Western civilization, which is central to a liberal arts education and integral to self-understanding. Students acquire analytical and interpretive skills, while developing their ability to communicate with others. Pursued as a major or minor, alone or coupled with another program such as Business or Health Services Management, the Humanities curriculum provides students with an excellent background for life and professional success.


Twelve courses must be completed for the major; however, since there is no rigid sequence of requirements, students may design an individual program within the course offerings. Students must complete at least two of the Humanities core courses (HUM 303, 304,305, and 306) at Rollins College to fulfill the requirements of the Humanities Major or Minor.

Core Courses:

HUM 303 Humanities: Ancient

HUM 304 Humanities: Medieval and Renaissance

HUM 305 Humanities: Classicism and Romanticism

HUM 306 Humanities: Modern Period

Plus two designated courses (one of which must be at the 300-400 level) in each of the following areas presenting the topic in its historical context:

Expressive arts

Literature studied in any language

Philosophy/Religious Studies



Each student is required to keep a portfolio of critical essays, research papers, essay examinations, and other material from different courses that contains material from each year the student has been a major. The student will collect the material to demonstrate the growth of his or her intellectual skills and an understanding of the interdisciplinary relationships of the disciplines within the Humanities major.

Requirements for the Minor

Students minoring in Humanities will take the four core humanities courses plus one in each of the areas specified above. Students completing the minor in Humanities must fulfill the same requirement for the portfolio and final project as majors.

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