Undergraduate Degree in Communications

learn effective and ethical communication

The Communication Studies major at the Hamilton Holt School focuses on how people use messaging to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The program promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication. Our mission is to produce professional communicators who are capable of speaking and listening effectively, thinking critically, and writing clearly. Majors will select a concentration, specializing in one of these three critical areas: Organizational Communication and Leadership, Public Relations, or Health Communication.


Our unique and innovative curriculum in Communication Studies offers students an introduction to the field via required courses in topics, theories, and research methods central to Communication. Our majors must select a specialization in one of three critical areas: Organizational Communication and Leadership, Public Relations, or Health Communication.

The Communication Studies major requires ten (10) courses—four (4) core courses, three (3) 200-level courses and three(3) concentration courses.

Core Courses (4)

COM 100 Introduction to Communication Studies

COM 295/395 Research Methods in Communication

COM 397 Internship or COM 400 Advanced Project in Communication Studies

COM 480 Senior Seminar in Communication

Choice of three (3) 200 level courses

COM 210 Public Speaking

COM 220 Interpersonal Communication

COM 230 Listening

COM 240 Intercultural Communication

Concentration Courses (3)

Select any three courses within the specific concentration you choose. Possible courses for each concentration are listed below:

Organizational Communication and Leadership

COM 221 Small Groups and Leadership

COM 301 Designing Effective Organizations

COM 319 Leadership and Effective Communication

COM 324 Self-Leadership and Communication

COM 345 Leadership, Film, and Communication

COM 421 Organizational Communication

Public Relations

COM 130 Event Planning and Communication

COM 302 New Media and Public Relations

COM 312 Persuasion

COM 313 Mass Media & Society

COM 318 Contemporary Public Relations

COM 325 Communication Campaigns

COM 351 Writing for Public Relations

COM 418 Advanced Public Relations

Health Communication

COM 303 Communication Ethics

COM 310 Family Communication

COM 330 Health Communication

COM 336 Communication Across the Lifespan

COM 340 Health Policy and Advocacy Communication

COM 342 Health Behavior Change and Social Marketing

COM 355 Global Health Communication

Requirements for the Minor

The minor in communication prepares students for their personal, social and working lives by developing skills in critical thinking, decision making, and oral presentation. Undergraduate majors that pair well with a minor in communication are: Business, Organizational Behavior, Healthcare Management, Elementary and Secondary Education, and Psychology.

Five (5) courses are required:

COM 100 Introduction to Communication Studies is required, plus three (3) 200-level courses, and one (1) 300-level course.

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