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Student Life FAQs

I live in a campus residence hall; do I need to wear a mask?
You must wear a mask in all common areas indoors (bathrooms included) and when visiting other residents’ rooms. If you are alone in your room, you do not need to wear your mask. It is particularly important that all visitors always wear masks.

For students that have uploaded proof of vaccination, would it be possible for this information to be shared with roommates ahead of time?
Students need to directly ask their roommates. Our individual data is accessible only to health care professionals.

Are suitemates considered a pod and can they be unmasked in each other's room?
Yes, suitemates who are vaccinated can be unmasked.

Were vaccinated students grouped together at the residence halls?
We cannot ask for vaccine verification and have no way of knowing if a roommate is vaccinated. The overall data is available only to wellness staff. Please encourage your student to talk with their roommate about vaccines.

Are overnight guests allowed in the residence halls?
At this time, overnight guests are permitted, however that policy may be revisited.

What about community bathrooms? Are they safe?
Our dedicated Facilities Services team is practicing enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures throughout campus. Housekeeping will be cleaning and disinfecting the communal restrooms multiple times daily, with an EPA registered disinfectant. Additionally, we will encourage physical distancing all the time and mask-wearing when possible.

Why is Rollins restoring its housing and meal plan policies?
When we de-densified campus last year in response to COVID, we communicated that housing and meal plan policies were suspended only temporarily. We communicated at the time that these policies would be reinstated; they were never intended to extend indefinitely.

When were new meal plan offerings announced?
Meal plan information was announced with the Returning Student Housing Selection information for fall 2021 in early March. More information about meal plans can be found on the Rollins Dining website.

I thought I didn’t have to have a meal plan?
As part of our de-densification of campus last fall, students living in Lakeside or Sutton were not required to have a meal plan last fall. This exemption was temporary. More information about meal plans and requirements can be found on the Rollins Dining website. Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan, but are encouraged to select one.

Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine on campus? If so, what brands of vaccine are available?
The Rollins Vaccine Clinic offers Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines in the Wellness Center, by appointment, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. for students, faculty and staff over the age of 18 years. ID required.

Does the Rollins Vaccine Clinic offer CDC vaccination cards?
The Rollins Clinic will issue you a CDC vaccination card. We recommend you take a picture of your card and keep it somewhere safe.

Will students be tested regularly for COVID-19? Are all routine health services available at the campus Wellness Center?
Currently, routine health services are available at the Wellness Center. Should a significant spike in COVID-19 cases occur, Health Services will stop offering routine care and will focus solely on COVID-19 risk mitigation including testing, vaccinations, and supporting the students in quarantine and/or isolation. The Wellness Center will provide a campus update should a shift in services be warranted, routine services will be suspended.

Where do students register for the vaccine?
Students receive an email weekly on how to schedule COVID-19 vaccines. Make a COVID-19 vaccine appointment using the links below.

What happens if a student gets seriously ill?
We will help students with severe symptoms get to area health care providers.

How is Rollins supporting the health (mental and physical) of our students?
The Wellness Center offers physical health appointments and mental health counseling that is confidential and free. We are also developing additional programming to continue to safeguard the mental health of students.

What are the College’s care/accommodation options for students?
If your student needs assistance with arranging accommodations, please connect with the Office of Accessibility Services at We understand that this is a rapidly evolving situation and want to support your student’s continued well-being and success.

Will attendance be required in classes?
Yes, all faculty will take attendance at each class session.

Will physically distanced seating be available in indoor classrooms?
Yes, physically distanced seating will be assigned by instructors with at least three feet between students and faculty.

Will there be opportunities for online/virtual classes this academic year for high-risk students or students who are isolated or quarantined?
Our classes will be fully in person and follow CDC safety guidelines. We will not be offering online options. If students are unable to attend class due to illness, they will need to work with their faculty members to get notes or identify a designated note-taker who can take notes. Our risk assessment team meets daily and considers many factors - most shown on the dashboard. There is not a single factor that would result in a shift to virtual at this time. There are no exceptions or options to be virtual in any capacity this year.

Will hand sanitizer be available across campus?
Yes, we will continue to have sanitizer available.

What kind of safety adjustments have been made to music and theater classes?
Music and theater faculty are continuing utilization of their learning and performing environments that reduce risk, following the best guidance available from their professional organizations and health care experts.

What is the maximum class size?
Classroom spaces are limited to 30 students, with a few exceptions in very large classrooms that are under 50.

How can I work with my classmates virtually?
You can set up your own personal Webex room which will allow you to work with other students, or simply chat and catch up virtually.

Here’s how to get your own room launched:

  • Log into Webex on your laptop.
  • If you are using a tablet or mobile device, access Webex via the mobile app.
  • Locate the URL for your personal meeting room, which is located above the “Start Meeting” button. This is the link you will share with others to access the meeting. 

What plans are being made for student organizations and their events?
Student organizations can gather and plan events in accordance with CDC guidelines. All events will follow the standard Get Involved Risk Assessment as has been the practice in the past.

International Students

As an international student, who is my point of contact?
International students with travel questions can contact Jenifer Ruby and Megan Kohr in the Office of International Student & Scholar Services at or 407-691-1158. More information is available here.

What advice is there for international students who are traveling from countries with travel restrictions?
Please review both travel and immigration-related information for international students available here.

What are the recommendations for international students?
Due to various travel restrictions and the suspension of U.S. embassy visa services or wellbeing concerns, students outside the U.S. should consult with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (Jenifer Ruby, Students can also obtain advice on the process for maintaining or regaining their immigration status.

Study Abroad

Has the College suspended travel to certain locations, or canceled any study abroad programs?
All College approved and sponsored student international travel and study abroad was canceled from March 2020 through August 15, 2021. Fall 2021 semester programs have been approved to continue as planned, although not all programs are running. Fall 2021 short-term international travel courses through the Crummer Graduate School of Business will also be offered, with some adjusted protocols to best ensure the health and safety of our students and campus community. Students traveling internationally are provided with a detailed risk assessment for the specific destination. Rollins College is urging all students traveling internationally on our programs and travel courses to be vaccinated as recommended by the CDC; unvaccinated students will likely face additional testing and quarantine requirements and may not be able to enter certain countries, or venues within countries, without proof of vaccination and/or proof of negative COVID-19 test results.

Are student-athletes required to be vaccinated?
It is highly recommended that student-athletes get vaccinated, however, it is not required.

Can student-athletes travel for away competitions?
Athletic trips will be running in accordance with Rollins College protocols and NCAA COVID guidelines. 

What is the attendance capacity at athletic venues?
Spectator capacity at athletic events prior to October 15 will be as follows:

  • Indoor events: 50 spectators with masking and physical distancing required.
  • Outdoor events: spectators allowed with masking and physical distancing recommended.

These standards will be reviewed on October 15.

How are student-athletes tested?
Student-athletes who have not uploaded their vaccine status in FoxLink will be tested weekly. Students who have uploaded their vaccine information in FoxLink will be tested if symptomatic.

Are all athletic team members and coaches required to be tested prior to competition?
Yes, if they have not submitted their vaccination status to the College.

As a Crummer student, who do I contact for questions or concerns?
Contact the Crummer Student Success office at 407-646-2210. 

Will travel resume for Crummer students?
Fall 2021 short-term international travel courses through the Crummer Graduate School of Business will also be offered, with some adjusted protocols to best ensure the health and safety of our students and campus community. Learn more about our Domestic Travel Policy here.

As a Holt student, who do I contact for questions or concerns?
Please contact Dean Rob Sanders at or 407-646-1349.