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Operations FAQs

What parking is available for students this year? 
Between the SunTrust and Rollins parking garages, we now have ample space to accommodate residential and commuter students. A decal is required and can be obtained on the Campus Safety website under the parking tab. 

How will dining provide dietary restrictions and accommodations to students?  
We will be offering both grab-and-go and dine-in options. As always, contact for questions or concerns.  

Can meals from Skillman Dining Hall be delivered to the residential hall? 
Unfortunately, no. However, we are offering online ordering for meals from Dave’s Boathouse and the C-Store to the residence building. Students will meet the Dining staff at the entrance to the residence hall. We will also offer the option of the “Blue and Gold Apron” program, in which students are able to preorder their meals for a week. These options can be fully cooked or ready to prepare. 

Where can I find information on the Dining programs? 
Please visit the Rollins Dining website. 

Is the grab-and-go meal considered one swipe? Or will the student be able to return for an additional grab and go on the same swipe? 
The grab-and-go options at the Marketplace are considered a swipe, students are able to return to the dining hall for seconds during the same meal period. 

How do Sutton and Lakeside students order groceries if they're not on a meal plan? How does that get charged? 
The C-Store online ordering website accepts Dining Dollars and credit card payments. Deliveries will be made daily between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. 

Will Dave’s Boathouse be open? 
Dave’s Boathouse will be available for online mobile ordering and pick up. Dave’s Boathouse will be used as overflow seating for the main dining hall during the morning and lunch hours and will be open for late-night dining. 

Will we be required to physically distance in Skillman Dining Hall? 
Dining locations will be set up according to the CDC recommended guidelines for physical distancing and some seating arrangements may have Plexiglass barriers to aid in this endeavor. Because this leads to a reduced seating capacity, some additional seating locations for outside dining will be made available. 

Will Skillman Dining Hall and Dave’s Boathouse be open for all of the campus community, or just students? 
As we have reduced seating in Skillman and Dave’s to accommodate for physical distancing, we ask that students are the priority for seating in the dining hall during peak hours, especially during 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

What is the College's policy on event hosting and capacity?
The College has adapted its event policy to consider requests for larger events, both indoors and outdoors. In order to receive official college approval, the event organizer must submit the request via Virtual EMS. The request must include a detailed health and safety plan that, in general, aligns with our current protocols (i.e. masks required, physical distancing, etc.). No event will be approved unless requests are submitted at least five (5) days prior to the event. Priority will be given to requests that show a detailed plan and that are for our internal campus community. If you have any questions before you submit a request, please email

What is Rollins doing to sanitize the campus? 
Consistent with CDC guidelines, we have adjusted routine cleaning frequencies and put more of an emphasis on high-touch areas.  

Facilities Services & Housekeeping 

Has Rollins increased its cleaning procedures and safety measures?  
While our dedicated Facilities Services team is practicing enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures throughout campus, especially as it relates to deep cleaning of commonly used spaces, we must all do our part to help keep the campus safe. We are asking that, in addition to scheduled cleaning, everyone regularly disinfect their own spaces. Cleaning and disinfection are shared responsibilities among our campus community.  

We launched our campus-wide Wellness Campaign “Keeping Tars Safe” in June 2020 to help acclimate members of our campus community working on campus this summer to new procedures. Signage, including distancing markers and directional signs, continues to be installed on campus. We will deploy hand-sanitizer dispensers across campus in high-traffic areas and are installing plexiglass shields and barriers in high-traffic areas and public spaces where physical distancing is not possible.

What are the technology expectations for the 2020-21 academic year? 
This fall, we will leverage video conferencing software to engage students both in and out of the classroom. All students will need a videoconference-capable device (e.g., laptop with camera, tablet, smart phone) and some type of headphones or earbuds that include a microphone for classes. This solution will allow both in-person and remote students to actively and equally participate in class with their faculty and—importantly—with each other. If you foresee having a technological barrier for this type of classroom engagement, please email with the subject “Technology Barrier.”  

What is the process for IT Help Desk support?  
IT Help Desk service remains virtual, with walk-up service suspended. We are utilizing campus lockers for no-contact equipment pick-up and drop-off. For IT assistance, continue to call 407-628-6363 or Classroom, network, and access control will be supported in accordance with the College’s safety protocols.  

Is the Olin Library open for use? 
Yes, the library is open during the academic year. Olin Library has developed a physical distancing and capacity plan as well as adding outside, no-contact lockers for delivering both IT and library-related materials. However, the pillow room will be closed for the semester. 

Will mail still be received at an on-campus mailbox for remote students? If it is, can we have it forwarded? 
Campus mailboxes are only available to Rollins residential students. Mail and packages sent to students that do not have a campus address are returned to sender. 

Is there a refund policy should we be forced to go virtual/off-campus again? 
Yes, information on the refund (housing and dining) and withdrawal policies, can be found on the Student Account Services website. 

Can I receive a credit if I get sick during the semester and want to continue learning fully virtually? 
Yes. You will receive a credit for unused room and board, as well as prorated credit for virtual study. To learn more, visit the Student Account Services page under "Campus Closure - Housing and Dining" tab. 

If a student is assigned to a room that has an increased price (to what was initially assigned), will the housing cost be increased? 
Most students housing rates will have decreased or stayed the same. 

Is the Tutoring & Writing Center available? 
Yes. The Tutoring & Writing Center will offer virtual, synchronous appointments and limited in-person appointments in Olin Library. Students can use EAB Navigate to schedule an appointment. If you do not have access to this platform, email Mistie Watkins to get set up with a login or email your graduate tutors directly to make an appointment. For more information, visit the Virtual Tutoring page.  

Tutors will not offer email consultations or other forms of asynchronous feedback. If a student cannot find an appointment time, they can request an appointment in EAB Navigate.