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Academics FAQs

Attending Class

What is the attendance policy for the CLA and Holt school?
If students participating in class virtually are in a different time zone, we expect them to participate in the class’s scheduled time if it starts after 7 a.m. and ends before 10 p.m. in the student’s time zone. If the class meets outside this time, the student should contact their professor as soon as possible to make arrangements. The professor should work with the student to make reasonable accommodations, which could include one-on-one meetings, providing class recordings, or alternate assignments.

What is the reason behind having fewer days off this semester? Mental health is at a low point right now and students need those days off more than ever. 
The curriculum committee, including students, developed the calendar. We started a week late to get past the two-week window after New Year’s Eve. The guidance, including student input, was that students didn't want to extend the school year later.  


What recommendations are suggested for teaching virtually?
Follow the Endeavor Center’s updates and website, which is full of excellent tips on teaching virtually. 

Are there changes to College academic policies due to COVID-19 or virtual, synchronous instruction? 
We are modifying our policies (attendance, smoking, and vaping) to support the wellbeing of the campus during COVID-19. 

Additionally, international student visas require that we take attendance when in a virtual environment. Everyone needs to keep detailed attendance records for all students for the rest of the semester. Per the Department of Homeland Security, international students residing in the U.S. may take no more than one course virtually this fall to maintain their immigration status. 

Academic Advising

How should faculty conduct advising?
CLA advising will be conducted either face-to-face with safe physical distancing or virtually through Webex appointments. Holt advisors will reach out to Holt students concerning virtual advising. Crummer advising will continue with virtual sessions within Student Success.