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Information for Faculty & Staff

What You Need to Know Now

  • Rollins will proceed through a phased resumption of on-campus activities in accordance with state and local regulations and our assessment of the readiness and safety of our community. Learn more about the phased reopening process.
  • Mask wearing is required at all times on campus—both indoors and outdoors—with exceptions for those working alone in private office settings and those who work outdoors independently. Learn more about health and safety practices
  • In an effort to maintain required physical distancing measures and minimize the potential risk of COVID-19 spread within our community, alternate modes and schedules of work should be considered by each department head. Learn more about staffing options.
  • Rollins will uphold our Child Protection policy that establishes safety guidelines relating to minor children in the workplace. Learn more on the Child Protection Policy here.

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  • Workplace Expectations & Guidelines
  • Phased Reopening Process
  • Health & Safety Practices
  • Staffing Options
  • Guidance for Specific Workplace Scenarios
  • Resources & Support
  • Maintaining Our Inclusive Community
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