Diana Beltran Herrera, (Colombian, b. 1987), Red-breasted Sapsucker, 2013, Paper sculpture, Photo by Diana Beltran Herrera
September 17–December 8, 2013

Diana Beltran Herrera: Birds of Florida

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum displayed seven sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera (b. 1987, Colombia). The works were completely made of paper and featured local bird species. The project was a CFAM collaboration with the Latin American Student Association, the Department of Biology, and the Department of Environmental Studies at Rollins College.

Herrera's work seeks to explore the chillingly disengaged relationship between humans and nature in modern society. Using paper as her primary medium she is able to present notions of temporality and change, emphasizing the process of transformation that continuously occurs in nature as well as humankind.

Diana Beltran Herrera, (Colombian, b. 1987), Common Starling, 2013, Paper sculpture, Photo by Diana Beltran Herrera


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